Thursday, 31 March 2011


We've been trying to clear an area of ground in the garden for chickens all winter. We have felled trees, pulled weeds, sieved metal out of the soil and today the chicken coop arrived. We just have to build it! The fence posts for the run should arrive by the weekend and then it's hole and trench digging so we can put the wire under the ground to stop the foxes burying beneath it. I have chickens on the brain so this weeks Folksy Friday is chicken inspired.

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hand Over your Fairy Cakes
Things Created by Me
Quirky Bird


Colour it Green

Bluebell Rosie

Laura Lee Designs

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Workshop in Action

Here are some pictures of a workshop in action.The pieces are in the kiln right now and I will post the finished products when they are cool.

Me - the teacher!

Students in action

Pendants ready for the kiln

Variation of a blue daisy. I can't wait to see how the centre turns out.

It's always a suprise to find out that you don't have to cut round edges for the petals. That's the magic that happens inside the kiln.

Thank you all for coming.I hope you enjoyed the session.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Welcome to my first ever Folksy Friday! I've been looking forward to this for ages. I've found it so hard to narrow down my choices but finally found a theme staring me in the face. The yellow daffodils everywhere in the garden. I don't think I will be the only one using daffodils as inspiration this week.  I sneakily used one in my photos yesterday.

There are lots of yellow items in the Folksy shops this week. Please click directly on the picture to visit the individual shops.



Chicita- Gimmethatthing
Uniquely Yours
Spring Bunting
from CraftsQueen

And a super special mention to Dottie. Without her help this post would have been without pictures and links. Thank you very much.


Friday, 18 March 2011

Come and have a go!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of teaching an introductory fused glass jewellery class.  4 ladies spent two hours designing and constructing items ready for the kiln. Everyone made daisies to learn how to cut the glass. It's easy.  If you can hold a pencil and stand up - you can do it! 

A dichroic blue daisy

A cranberry daisy

Then we progressed to pendants, earrings and cufflinks. The main problem here was too much choice.

One student brought along a bracelet made from lampwork beads. We managed to find similar glass  to create this matching pendant.

We used confetti and stringers for this perfect pink pendant.

I have some new dates if you have been inspired and would like to have a go.

Introductory fused glass jewellery workshops

The cost is £25. This price includes tuition for up to 2 hours and materials to make 2 fused glass pendants.
New dates - Wednesday 30th March 7.45pm
                      Saturday 2nd April 10.30am
                      Saturday 7th May 10.30 am

Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I don't normally verbalise these but this year has been an exception to my rule.

  1. Open ETSY shop
  2. Start a blog

Well the ETSY shop has been open a few weeks now and I'm starting to find my way around the site. It's so big!

 I've found a few teams to join and was lucky to be around at the start of the UK FOLK team which has given me enough confidence to participate in the discussions and general chit chat.

The BRITISH SELLERS ON ETSY team is a bit bigger but last week having got the hang of treasuries I won the team challenge with a THINK PINK treasury using members from the team.

As for the blog, here ends the first post with a picture of my favourite design ever!