Monday, 4 April 2011

The finished pieces!

Last post I showed you the workshop in action and the pieces ready for the kiln. If the glass is opaque I put a small dab of glue on to hold the pieces in place. The work is put on special paper so that it doesn't fuse onto the kiln shelf.After firing to 1480 F and cooling the pendants are sanded and washed with acetone before adding bails.

Before firing.
After firing and finishing

Before firing the clear glass top is yet to be added.

After firing, the edges are round and the top has become super shiny.
The shine on this pendant is amazing
A cranberry daisy

Finally the precious work is returned to the owners. I hope they are pleased.


  1. Gorgeous, I'd love to have a try!

  2. Very cool - I learned something today! Thanks!

  3. These are lovely. The colours are gorgeous! xxx

  4. The pendants look great - it's really interesting to see them before they go in the kiln too! :)