Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award.

This week much to my amazement as a new blogger I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger award. I've sometimes seen these on other peoples blogs and looked on enviously. Now two nominations on the same day! Thank you Lil-Pirahna-Fish ( I must find out how you got that name) and CeeGee Jewellery. Thank you both for reading and enjoying my blog. It is a bit random I know!

Flump earrings by Lil-pirahna-fish on FOLKSY

These earrings have taken me back a few years to the days of Flump eating competitions in 
the playground before fruit became more politically correct.

Little Bird Silver and Gemstone Pendant by CeeGeeJewellery on FOLKSY

This shop sells an amazing variety  of handmade lampwork beads and silver jewellery. Each bead has been carefully crafted and is completey unique. I must add lampworking to my list of must trys but I don't think my efforts would look like these!

So the rules are I must tell you seven things about myself.

I am a keen vegetable grower.

I am a bookworm.

I once found a dead body.

I have a degree in Natural Environmental Science and a PGCE in Environmental Education

I am tone deaf.

I am the Scrabble Queen. (feeling pleased with that one as Mr.B. suggested it)He won't play with me anymore because he doesn't like loosing! He bought me an app so I could leave him alone.

I love maps.

That's a bit of a bizarre collection and I found it really hard to do. I don't want to tell you too much in one go!

Now I have to nominate 7 others.
Watch this space!


  1. Fun stuff to read about you in your "7 things" list.

    Do dead birds count?

    Seriously I DO like the things you create - of course I love all the colours!

    great blog post!

  2. Thanks WUTA.

    Dead birds?! Thanks for the blog appreciation.

  3. Congratulations on the award. And on compiling such an interesting list of facts - would really struggle to think of some for me :-)

  4. Oooh, fab interesting things! And, um, a dead body?!