Thursday, 19 May 2011

Go to work on an egg!

I know Easter is over but I've been thinking about eggs. I had been worried that I may have been eating too many because our fabulous new chickens have got the hang of it rather quickly. My cake recipie this week used up a few, we have enjoyed eggy bread remembered from Guide camps many moons ago, I even made my first quiche (5 eggs!). How many though is safe to eat?

In a bizarre coincidence Dr. Christian Jessen (the one from embarrassing bodies and supersize programmes) published an article yeaterday about egg consumption in The Evening Standard.

'Dietary cholesterol from foods such as eggs and shellfish has only a small and clinically insignificant effect on blood cholesterol.'

'Whilst I loathe the term 'superfood' if anything could be given the accolade, then it is the humble egg. They are a nutrient dense,high protein, nutrient controlled food.'

'And just to set the record straight there is no limit on the number of eggs that you can eat in a week.

So to encourage you to eat more eggs here are a selection of egg related items from Folksy this week.

Creme Egg by Cherry Blossom Candles

Jo Bangles Jingles and Jangles
Egg Cosy by Jane Lightfoot Designs

Duck Egg Blue Passport Wallet

Egg Cozy by Claire Sibley


'Go to work on an egg'
British egg TV advert


  1. Great selection, love those earrings. Linda

  2. Good to hear your chickens are doing well. I've often thought I'd like to keep chickens - maybe one day! Love the egg related items as too :)

  3. Thats interesting,about how many eggs you can eat in a week.The guidelines change all the time.I love eggs,they are such a natural simple food.My daughter keeps chickens too and theres nothing nicer than a fresh poached egg.I like the creme egg candle,its so realistic.
    jean xx

  4. Love the egg cosies!!! very cute :)

  5. That cream egg is very clever. Good theme and lovely choices


  6. Eggy bread, one of my favourite comfort foods! Great choices :)

  7. Great selection! Love the candle!