Thursday, 12 May 2011

Lucky Dips!

This week I have been inspired by the concept of a lucky dip.I'm sure most of us can remember as children visiting a funfair or school fete and rummaging through a barrel of sawdust to find a little present. Apparently some presents were supposed to be great and others more mundane.

This week I have listed a lucky dip on Folksy. For £5 the recipient will receive at least 2 items, a pendant and something else, maybe a brooch or ring or 2 pendants, as most so far have been. The items have been selected from a group that have never made it to the website for various reasons. Some colours are hard to photograph. I find lilac particularly hard, it comes out quite grey for me so there's quite a few bits in that colour. Lots of daisies with more random than uniform petals and some items that I have merely had for a while now.

I've bought a few lucky dips myself from various folksy sellers and have been really pleased with the products.

Click on the picture to take you to the lucky dips.

Have fun at the fair!

lucky dip by bluedaisyglass
A misfit from kOodles
A kit from KatieLou Illustrates

Rockpool brooches by AmyOrangeJuice

Flower Rings by Nosey Rose Parker

Origami Flowers by Folded Frippery

Purse by Luvlii

Lavender Lally cat by Little Bird House.
Wonki by Detailed Design

Have fun at the fair!

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  1. What a fab blog, I love the origami flowers! Thank goodness blogger is back! Ritzy x