Thursday, 2 June 2011

A walk in the woods......

We went for a walk over the long weekend to RSPB Copperas Woods Nature Reserve on the Stour Estuary in Essex.I'm not a birder but I like a good picnic! It's a gorgeous woodland that goes right down to mud flats where numerous species of bird can be found. My favourite time to visit is Autumn though when the ground is carpeted with delicious chestnuts. It's a great place to build dens and tell stories.

Once upon a time there was a girl called .....

Little Red Riding Hood - Fizzybee's Fantasia
Forest Fern Glasses case -Leane Woods Designs
A basket of felt cupcakes -CuteNique
Grandma -Aroma Sue Design  
What big eyes you've got -Gimme That Thing
What big teeth you've got - Bits N Bobs
and a Big Bad Wolf - Ding Dong Designs


  1. Cute post and lovely idea to tell a story through pictures of other people's work. And I love the glass rainbows in your Folksy Friday post too.

    I think I have a blogger question for you - how do you manage to get a picture to link somewhere? I never seem to be able to get it to work... :-(

  2. Lovely story, great selection. Those teeth are great, really made me smile. Linda

  3. The teeth made me giggle, I'm an ex dental nurse, so they are right up my street! LOL!

    Natalie x

  4. What a fab idea for a post and great picks too. Amanda's ring is great a(and slightly creepy)