Saturday, 24 March 2012

New product!

This week has seen the launch of a new product in my ETSY shop.  I have spent the long cold winter huddled close to my kiln experimenting with fused glass mini tea light coasters. The first pair were listed and sold within hours which was a great start.

I love the way the magic bubble mix has created a unique watery effect trapped inside the glass.

Most coasters will be sold in pairs but I have a few odd ones like this grid pattern. I had no idea that those bubbles would form in such a perfect pattern like a tic tac toe game. It was so difficult to get the round glass strings to stay in place and balance on top of each other but I think the effort was worthwhile.

I think these would match brilliantly to make a unique gift.

Handpainted decorative tea lights -

Each coaster measures approx 2in sq (5cm) and so they are perfect for use with tea lights.
I have added mini rubber feet to protect delicate surfaces.

are strawberry shortcake flavour and sound delicious.

These bright orange and yellow coasters make me think of sunshine.

  I am offering a new class to make coasters. You will make 4 mini coasters. You could make a set or try 4 different designs. We will be using stringers, glass chips, copper and wire to add some pizazz to your work. Please ask for more details.

Thursday 19th April – 8pm



  1. They are gorgeous! The black and white hatched is genius! I can see that that would take a lot of work to create x

  2. Loving your new coaster designs, especially the black and white one Apryl!

  3. Good luck with your new etsy shop I'm sure your lovely work will do very well on there