Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hama Beads - The Next Step


A long time ago I wrote a post about a rainy Sunday afternoon in our house. As a lover of statistics I am suprised when this post keeps coming up as a favourite. Delving deeper it seems that 'superman hama' is a keyword that has made this into the 'sticky' post that it is.

So today I am experimenting with my statistics!

I have done some research into Hama beads. There's a whole Hama world out there and it moves pretty fast. 

It seems popular with fans of Pokemon. The eternally popular Pikachu but now in 3D!

Alexandra Jauhiainen

Hama useful objects too such as these Pokeball coasters.

Pokeball Perler Bead Coasters Set of 4
Beki Harrison

1up Mushroom Perler Bead Lighter Case/Sleeve

You may have noticed this new word 'Perler bead' in the descriptions above. This is a rival brand to the Hamas and is popular due to the different colours it produces. More colours mean more options. These Perler pictures are incredible.

Perler Samuel L. Jackson
 Last picture has to be of the eternally sticky 'superman hama'! On sale too!

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  1. very interesting, it's funny with the stats, I see posts come up that I forgot I ever wrote lol