Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Buon giorno!

Buon giorno!

We've just returned from a family holiday in Sardinia. I've been inspired by the trip and hope to blog about the crafts and culture of this Italian island in my future posts.

The first stop is Fordongianus. We visited this roman spa town to view the famous ruins.

 Unfortunately the lack of shade and burning sun on pale English skin made the gelatti shop more of a draw than a pile of rocks for the children! The site is located on a river bank and whilst searching for some shade (to eat our ice-creams) we chanced upon a playground. Kid heaven!

While they played on the single swing I had a wander and stumbled into a rough clearing with some big rocks. The site turned out to be the remains of an international sculpture competition ! Each summer sculptors chisel away on the site to create amazing work from slabs of the local red trachytic stone.  ( a fine grained, light coloured igneous rock)

These are some of my favourite entries. Sorry I can't match the entries with the sculptors but there is a list of participants on the poster.

The rock was so smooth and tactile. It cried out for little hands to touch it. We all liked this last one best. It seemed almost prehistoric. The boys thought is looked like the tail of a dragon.  

Sardinia Rocks!


  1. Looks great and what a lovely find, the sculptures are lovely.
    Linda from UniquelyYours.

  2. How fun! Hope you enjoyed your trip! Love th esculptures!!

  3. Welcome back...hope you had better weather than we have here!