Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer holidays!

Glass jewellery and 5 year olds!

My youngest loves playing with my finished glass 'nuggets' . They're smooth, shiny, colourful and extremely durable. Like pirates treasure in fact. This week, after some thought about how to do it safely I let him have a go. I pre-fired lots of different plain glass to make flat, smooth bases for pictures. I also fired glass strings and lots of tiny balls of many different colours.

He added lots of glue.

He used the bases to create mini monsters that he wants to make into magnets. If I use a tack fuse programme the balls will stay 3-D.

So then he wanted to make a suncatcher or maybe something sparkly for the Christmas tree. He selected clear glass offcuts so no flying bits of glass and then added dichroic glass chips to hopefully create a sparkle effect.

I have loaded the kiln with his work and a few of my own pieces and fingers crossed it works out as expected.

The finished suncatcher.

I think it turned out brilliantly. He's mighty pleased with it too.


  1. Wonderful and happy birthday to the little one!! x

  2. That's brilliant! I bet your little boy loved it!
    Martina x

  3. Wonderful to see a happy child!!

  4. Don't be fooled! He's not like this all the time!

  5. His suncatcher is lovely! I'd love to do fused glass, it looks great fun :)

  6. That's lovely to see little ones being creative.

  7. Aww thats amazing. Lovely that he can join in with Mum too. Take care. xx

  8. How fabulous!! He can set up a little sidestall when you do a fair! My 8yo sells his "Tomart" giving 50% to the charity PlanUK. Every fair he has done he's sold out!

    Dottie x

  9. I came across your blog via the undiscovered etsy team, and this post absolutely tickled me! It's great seeing a little kid get the chance to actually create something beyond just crayon drawings and mac-n-cheese glued to paper (as cute as those things are!) I bet he loved it :)