Monday, 15 August 2011

Den Building

Den Building - making things boy style!

We've been on a couple of den building expeditions this school holiday. Last week we went to Abberton Reservoir, Colchester for an instructor led day of den building and campfires. The morning was spent scurrying around finding branches and tarp wrestling to make a makeshift sort of shelter. The boys had to stay inside while water was poured on to test for rainproofing qualities. The shelter worked well but the little boy on the other side of the shelter got a soaking as the instructor's bucket of water flew over the top to soak him.

After a packed lunch of chocolate, crisps and not many sandwiches (expedition food!) we helped to build a roaring fire. Whilst the flames died down we used potato peelers to whittle a pointy stick ready for the marshmallows. By the end the fire pit was full of foaming and flaming  pink marshmallows. Being a gang of boys the pink ones accidently fell off to be replaced hopefully by a white one!


After marshmallows we wrapped a dough worm around the stick to make damper bread. The mix of flour and water was made more appealing by the addition of melting chocolate chips. It was actually delicious.

There are lots more activities planned at Abberton for the summer (and other school holidays too). Please follow the link.

To make our den more cosy and homelike these products found on ETSY are on our wishlist for next summer.please click on the picture to go directly to the shop.

Felt Woodland Campfire - Neafus
Campfire tripod & 3 S hooks
My Blacksmith shop
Toasted Marshmallow Fragrance Oil Premium 1 oz 
 Indigo Fragrance

Personal Roasting stick by Firestick.

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