Monday, 5 December 2011

Raffle Results!

Black Friday through Cyber Monday was a mad selling weekend and yes it was my busiest ever! I think I got all the packages to the right people and hopefully they have all arrived safely. I've been trying out some new ideas with packaging as in the UK the item has to fit though a hole to get a lower rate of postage. The postie recommended corrugated card instead of bubble wrap.He even game me a bundle to use. I hope this has worked out for everybody. Please let me know if not.

Anyway over the weekend anyone that bought an item got a raffle ticket and I have finally drawn them in a santa hat of course. (none of that newfangled number generator business!)

Numbers in!

Number out!

Daisy is on it's way to ticket holder 11

Thanks for playing everyone. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Remember blog readers can always use 'blog10'for 10% off purchases in my ETSY shop.
There's still time before last posting.

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