Friday, 18 May 2012

Folky Friday.

Picks from this weeks listings in the Crafty Folk daily listing club on ETSY.

This weeks featured selleris  I hadn't come across this shop until now and what a find. This shop sells a huge mixture of unique jewellery designs with a vintage & retro twist.

 I love this little blue brooch.

This pink Bollywood elephant is super fun and really unique .

I loved this necklace from The shape is really different. My pendants always seem to be a similar shape. I'll do some wobbly ones next time perhaps. The colours on this pendants are wild. There are stripes in a myriad of colours and sizes that are all united by the background. They work brilliantly.

Another shop to catch my eye this week is I'm redecorating the boys rooms at the moment and love inspirational type things. (Not sure if they quite understand their significance yet though!)

This one made me laugh. Apparently it's a quote from Moss from The IT Crowd (a British TV series).I've not heard of this one but that's not suprising really as I'm not much of a TV fan.


  1. Thanks for featuring my pendant on your lovely blog. Those quotes are brilliant!

  2. Lovely choices! I really enjoyed doing a treasury for DecoEclectic - fab things. Loving Pam's whole shop at the mo and off to check out Chatty Nora's shop now!

    Dottie x

  3. Thank you for the feature - what a lovely treat for a friday :)

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me- it can be hard for a newbie to get noticed on a site as big as Etsy so it's nice to know I'm doing something right!

    Linzi x

  5. Love the pink elephant! reminds me of my daughters cuddly toy which goes EVERYWHERE with us!!