Thursday, 10 May 2012

Meet the Klips!

The Klips are a new range of bookmarks designed for children. Each consists of a giant paperclip with a fused glass head at the top. The eyes, nose and mouth have been tack fused on so they are 3D but will not come off. The glass is glossy and shiny and some even dichroic glass. The heads have been securely mounted onto the paperclip with a high strength metal and glass epoxy that will not come off. The glass has been fired at high temperature, this rounds the corners and makes it very strong and durable. These can be dropped and don't tend to break making them suitable for the demands of young children.

Each member of the Klip Klan is unique.

Meet Kobalt Klip, the wisest of the Klip Klan. He is deep blue when he is thinking hard. He loves to read and particularly likes mystery stories. He is very good at solving these. He loves to read Nancy Drew Mysteries and The Hardy Boys.

 Klever Klip is very clever (obviously). In his spare time he loves to read dictionaries and eat spelling lists. (Some Klan members may have been inspired by my own family!)

Klever Klip
These are the first two members of the Klan ready for listing on ETSY. I have a lot more to add daily. They were inspired by my sons who are avid readers and consume books by the truckload.Instead of those scrappy bits of paper they use to mark pages they now have the first members of the Klan. I hope to design some girlier members in the next batch! 

Each Klan member comes with a notecard telling the child which kind of books he/she likes and perhaps a recommendation for one they might like to try.

No 1 son helped to take the photographs this week and he came up with all sorts of ideas for uses(some more sensible than others!) He has one to clip his pokemon cards together. No 2 uses his to hold his paper birthday money.  I think they would make great stocking fillers.

What about a graduation gift with a favourite book? The clip could mark a inspirational quote.

These have been great fun to design and make.I have a section in my shop dedicated to the Klan. There are also some more sensible designs for book reading adults. I am adding to this daily.



  1. Fantastic idea! Hope they sell really well for you :)

  2. How cute! They are fab. I love the personalities they have.