Sunday, 20 November 2011

Husky Racing

We drove through thick fog this morning to eventually arrive in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. In an attempt to get fit as a family we are dragging the children through forests and along beaches as often as we can. We've been carefully chosing circular style walks with ice-creams along the way and playgrounds at the end as bribes we find work very well.

 It was a bit spooky through the woods as we started walking as the fog was still pretty thick and the trees tightly packed together. Beams of morning sunlight light penetrated the gaps and the boys thought they were pretty cool. The light seemed to be attracted to frosty spider webs which were obvious sources of excitement to boys with sticks!

Howling back!

To make things even more spooky there seemed to be a pack of wolves howling through the woods! As we continued the eerie noise got much louder and suddenly we were taken aback when a person on a three wheeled contraption passed in front of us dragged along by a pack of huskies. We had inadvertently wandered into a British husky racing event. To be honest I didn't even know this sport existed.

It was really exciting listening to the teams approaching and watching them hurtle around corners.

I've included a link to the British Husky website which has a lot more information.

Just had to have a look on ETSY to see how huskies have inspired artists worldwide.
I have a thing for belt buckles at the moment and am starting a collection (Christmas hint!)
Pretty Cool Tees
Love the Andy Warhol inspiration.
Unique Dog Breeds Gifts Nobility Dogs
How unique is this!


  1. Wow!! You never know what you might find in the woods, maybe next time you'll stumble upon a Teddy Bear's Picnic!! Never heard of the sport either but it sound like great fun.

  2. What a fun surprise on your walk in the woods. I grew up in Alaska, where they do dog sled racing, but never knew that they had this type of racing as well.

  3. How cool! I bet the boys were thrilled. =)

    My Sweetie Bean