Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Soap felting!

Look what I bought myself this Christmas!
A jar of wonderfully soft blue fluffy stuff and some beautiful smelling soap.
It's a kit to felt soap from sfeltaccessories on ETSY

So the instructions looked pretty easy to follow.
I laid out the fluff in strands and then wrapped it around the soap. I did this a few times to make layers.

Then I had to wrap it in a nylon net.

I had to rub it really hard under running hot water until the fluff didn't move anymore. Then it was time to unwrap. So exciting!

I got addicted after that!

It was lovely to use and lasted much longer than usual. The boys thought the colour was cool and the novelty of it actually got them using soap! It was easier for them to use as it wasn't slippery.

As we used it the soap the wool shrunk too and kept a tight fit around the soap. Apparently if we cut a slit in the finished pouch and fill it with lavender we could use it with a few drops of essential oil in a drawer.

In addition as wool is naturally antibacterial , breathable and odour resistant it will not hold germs. I'm hooked.

sfeltaccessories also sell other kits.
This one is for a bracelet or necklace.

If you can't be bothered with all that here's a few links to shops with felted soap.
The Rainbow Room (UK)
Vincent Palo (US)

Sapling Naturals (US)


  1. Love felting, although I have not tried soap yet. This project looks great.

  2. wow how unique! I've never tried felting...too many crafts...too little time lol
    I came over from Etsy, New follower!

  3. That looks like a great project. I've seen felted soaps before but didn't really know anything about them - think I might have to give it a go sometime!

  4. Wow great idea! I've gone back to soap to get away from chemicals in body wash so may try this felt thing :)