Thursday, 13 October 2011


Well as you know a new team has started on ETSY,  'Crafty Folk' . Originally started after the UK site FOLKSY made it's true feelings about 'assembled' goods known. Lots of shops have now moved to the 'other side' and have collected together. Everyone is welcome though. As well as a daily listing club we have been coming up with new ideas although mostly stolen from other teams! The latest is a BNR . It's well under way and we have had 5 sales in the first few hours.

A BNR has a starting line up in a treasury format. If you'd like to buy from one of the shops , go ahead and then post the transaction link making sure to call out the shops name in CAPITALS. Your ETSY shop then gets that persons spot. You get to stay in the treasury until you are bought out. Anyone is welcome to play.

Now if you become an addict and you may well,there's a few teams that have fantastic BNR's or BNS's (Buy and Stay). They are a great way to promote your shop and usually lead to a sale. I can recommend They're a friendly lot and such a global team there's always someone hanging around for chatting.

If you haven't tried  a BNR/BNS then yet it's time to have a whirl.


  1. beautifully explained sounds so simple now!! Would be easy to become addicted!!
    Trish xx

  2. Love the Autumn colours in the BNR. It'a a fab place to start Christmas shopping because it helps out other crafty folk and reduces the Christmas present list.

    Maria z

  3. Its 6 sales now too! hurray.
    Very well explained and I do enjoy being a part of this team.

    Can recommend saving up though, as once you get chatting on these its easy to get carried away, but still I am enjoying awaiting my lastest lovely purchase from the Crafty Folk BNR.


  4. Great explanation and blog post and the Autumn designs all look amazing!

    I would encourage all to stop by and you can chat, browse or buy - it's up to you!

    Plus there are some amazing designs :-)


  5. Thanks for that explanation, yes...i havent been too impressed with Folksy'slatest antics!! :-)

    Andrea of Every Cloud Silver

  6. Thanks for such a good explanation! I'll definitely be over to check it out :)